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About the Competition - "LexText"

The competition 'LexText' is organized by Lawlytical and invites submissions that are highly researched, well-structured, easily comprehendible, critically analyze the law, matching with the theme and written in plain English.



Issues related to any legal, socio-legal, or contemporary & international.



  • Top 2 papers will be selected, where the winner will be awarded a cash prize worth 200 Rs.+ Certificate of publication + 3 free publication on our site, and runner up will be awarded a cash prize worth 100 Rs.+ Certificate of publication + 2 free publication on our site.

  • Besides, Top 10 research papers will be selected by the Lawlytical core team through proper procedure and will be awarded certificates of publication for selected ones.


Charges for Registration

  • Single author- Rs 50     

  • Co-authorship - Rs 70


Result Declaration

The result will be declared on 1st March 2021.



Student graduate/postgraduates, as well as academicians, legal professionals, attorneys, and other stakeholders, are eligible.


General Instructions
  • The Word limit of the research paper should be 1000-2000 words.

  • Please ensure that your work is original, unpublished, and hasn’t been sent for consideration anywhere else. This declaration is mandatory to attach in the mail with your submission failing which Lawlytical will not acknowledge your submission and straight away rejected.

  • The research work is needed to be sent within 7 days after registration.

  • The Author(s) certify that they have not copied in part or whole or otherwise plagiarised the work of another person(s). A Blog that is plagiarized more than 10% shall be outrightly rejected.

  • The email must contain a brief introduction of the author specifying their year of study, college, and contact information for further communication.

  • Co-authorship is allowed up to one author.


Format of Research paper
  • The font size of headings must be 16, and the font must be Times New Roman.

  • Subheadings must be of font size 14 and font must be Times, New Roman.

  • The main text of the research should be font size 12, the font should be Times New Roman, with line spacing 1.5.

  • The research must contain all sources through hyperlinks or footnote according to Bluebook 20th edition.



All submissions must be made to lawlytical[at]gmail.com, with the subject.    “LexText”.



For successful registration in the competition:

  • Do the required payment.

  • Fill in the required Google form and upload the screenshot of the payment done.

  • Cash prizes for winner and runner-up.

  • E-Certificate of Publication would be provided to the top 10 Author (s)

(however, the availability of the e-certificate may take up to 14 days after the date of publication.)

  • The opportunity of free publication for the winner and runner up.

  • E-Certificate for all participants



Email Id: Lawlytical@gmail.com

Milind Saraswat, (Founder Lawlytical)  +91 9582221184


Important Links

Website: www.Lawlytical.com 

Registration link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKQcbtaQw-pJ_8uLc6ijiwTvqXZGa4sDKJQ9Bm2tMXKw2Ujw/viewform?usp=sf_link 

Payment: 9582221184 (google pay / paytm / phone pe / UPI)

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