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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

1. The Dassault Rafale synonymously known as "gust of wind" in a military sense is one of the best 4.5 generation French aircraft with the best-equipped weapons having a capacity to fly with 25 tonnes of load.

2. This omnirole aircraft carries a speed of 1386 km/hr with a 3700 km range, equipped with twin SNECMA M88 Engine.

3. The deal linking the Indian government and the French government took place in 2018 to acquire the beasts at the cost of 60,000 crores. The present Government intended to buy 36 Rafales instead of the required 126 which was proposed earlier by the UPA Government.

4. The one mandatory condition offered by our government to French Dassault aviation was that half of the total amount of Purchasing that is 30,000 crores, will be invested in India to transform the Indian companies concerning to the aircraft technology and other operating systems used to function the operations like radars, ground team, etc. 3% share of this total amount was provided to reliance industries and 12 various other companies in India.

5. Rafale is equipped with a powerful electronic warfare system MICA multi-mission (air to air) missile defense, METEOR beyond visual range (air to air) missiles, scalp deep strike cruise (air to ground), AM39 EXOCET anti-ship missile, The 2500 rounds/min NEXTER 30M791 30 mm internal cannon, etc. Which makes it the finest combat aircraft worldwide.

6. This has been resurrected to special No 17, "Golden Arrows" Squadron who are stationed at Ambala, Haryana. This squadron is one of the oldest in the Indian Air Force (1951) and contributed to the Kargil war with the best efficiency however it was discontinued later at the time of the MiG -21 phase-out.

7. First Rafale was introduced in 2004 to the French navy and later in 2006 to French Air Force. Later purchased by Egyptian and Qatar Air Force.

8. The aircraft performs 3D mapping with electronic scanning radar to find enemy positions in real-time. In extension to this, it can recognize the long-term danger in all climates in time and can monitor multiple targets concurrently during close combat, as well as it is capable of flying from aircraft bases and aircraft carriers besides the ground.

9. Rafale can carry 15,590 gallons of fuel and can fly up to 2000 nautical miles at a time that embraces its specialty even furthermore.

10. Its superior kinematic performance will intensify India's combatting capabilities while facing the neighbor enemies.

image of rafale aircraft.

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