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· Kamala Devi Harris is the first Indo-origin, born in Oakland, California, to run on a major party’s presidential ticket in the U.S. in 244 years. Vice President henceforth.

· In childhood, she visited both Hindu Temple and Black Baptist Church to understand the essence of both the religions from the parent's side, wherein her mom was confident enough to raise her proud black woman.

· She joined Howard University, Washington DC to pursue her post-high school education in Political Science and Economics. Later also enrolled in Law school in San Francisco.

· Apart from being the best-known Attorney, she loved cooking also bookmarks recipes from the 'New York Times’ cooking section. Pretty much fascinated with roasted chicken for dinner essentials.

· Harris helped develop a program with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to help emergency rooms spot evidence of child sexual abuse. She also co-founded the Coalition to End the Exploitation of children.

· She performed California’s first same-sex wedding ceremony for Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, plaintiffs in the landmark court case that challenged Proposition 8.

· She accomplished the following:

  • the first Black woman to be elected district attorney in California history,

  • the first woman to be California’s attorney general,

  • first Indian American senator, and now,

  • the first Black woman and

  • first Asian American to be picked as a vice presidential running mate on a major-party ticket.

  • And now the First female Vice President of the United States.

· As an Attorney General, she created an open Justice in which an online platform for creating to make the criminal justice data available to the public, this certainly helped in increasing police accountability.

· She denied the potential Supreme Court nominations under the Obama administration. Saying, she isn't interested.

· In June, her Wikipedia handle was edited 408 times. These edits were mostly made by one person, scrubbed all the controversial information.

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