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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The year 2020 has been the most cataclysmic year of this epoch with mankind being crippled by the unremitting wrath of the invisible enemy, the Novel Coronavirus. As if it was not enough, a series of other devastating forces like earthquakes, cyclones, or even an asteroid is pummelling the earth, testing our indomitable will to survive to its hilt. The situation has arisen where the chances of World War 3 are forthcoming.

Starting with President Donald Trump indulging in a drone strike on Iran and resulting in the death of Iranian commander Qasim Soleimani on 3 January 2020, tensions between both the countries heightened as Iranians were swearing for harsh revenge. After his death, several Iranians in the desperacy of revenge stuck Iranian rockets on two bases housing of U.S forces in Iran. Following days there were numerous threats from both sides as Qasim was a renowned figure in Iran and Iraq. This also resulted in Iran shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet unintentionally on January 11th. However, the crisis was not escalated to a full-fledged war but it is very feasible that both the nations can escalate the brink of war among themselves.

With this, the major border dispute between India and China is another possible reason for a global crisis. Chinese troops illegally entered the line of actual control and tried to indulge in a fight with the Indian soldiers. 20 of Indian soldiers were martyred, which ignited the Army in open war with China. Not just this, but the Chinese Army tried to gain control over the disputed border in the Himalayan region, the Galwan valley. However later on the external affairs ministry and defense ministry resolved the issue cordially and pragmatically and both sides agreed to peacefully resolve the situation.

India and China share the longest border named LAC (Line of Actual Control), this conflict of borders broke out since the bloody war of 1962. But now China should realize that this is not the old weakened India, it is the India of 2020, fully equipped and strengthened with numerous country's support. Here if the war-like situation arises then our allies with Russia, the USA, and other European countries will come forward for support and would lead to a global threat. Where China, Pakistan, and other supporting countries abide on the other side.

China is accused of the deliberate spread of the COVID-19 virus to gain control over the global economy, hence many countries are trying to boycott and show excessive retaliation in response. This global pandemic due to the virus can lead to a war-like situation among countries as it has affected the major portion of each country's economy and wealth. Even the USA is directly pointing out China for the spread of this virus by naming it as "Wuhan originated coronavirus". The latest development shows that many military carriers from the USA are sent to the South Sea of China and regular Military exercises are conducted to showcase the affection for Indians and indirectly exhibit inclusive power.

Not just India but China is having these border disputes with 19 other neighboring countries which is a disagreeable situation for all. The sole motive of these disputes by the Chinese government is to gain control over a larger landmass and become a ruling territory in the world.

In retaliation, India, and other countries have started boycotting the Chinese products and shift the billion dollars industries from China to various other countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and India. Chinese Apps are banned and major Indian distributors have stopped purchasing the Chinese products to support the government initiated movement. These few steps weaken the Chinese economy but still, we are far away from home as China is a developed country.

Another reason for a world War like situation can is that China is aggressively capturing the islands and militarizing them by their troops. These islands are claimed by other territories yet China is overpowering them. Recently the case of Japan island, where they illegally try to uphold their control on Japanese owned islands. Later the USA shared their support to the Japanese government to retaliate if China upholds that. The main reason for capturing these islands is because they are rich in minerals and will provide an adequate amount of profits to the Chinese government.

Another center of attraction was the South China Sea where they have started developing the 7 new islands with radar facilities, military building, and development of airstrips. The major expansion of the Spratly islands which is the disputed scattering of reefs and island, 500 miles away from Chinese territory, has the prompted USA to send Navy carriers to patrol near the island. Betraying the trust of numerous countries, knowingly China can be the reason for world war 3.

Ultimately, if all these conflicts and border disputes tend to rise then surely it can give rise to global destruction. And in the present scenario, many countries are equipped with nuclear powers which would result in a colossal carnage. The consequences of this future world war won't be the same as the earlier one, it maybe 10 times more than what we endured in 1945. Let's hope for a tranquil end of mankind and not the disastrous one.

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