QUEEN V. SHIV SENA: A War of Words & Dirty Politics

With the on-going pandemic in 2020, other highlighting news came into being i.e. the war between the queen Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut vs. Shiv Sena. The initial sayings and comments passed by have initiated the war which further extended and somewhere touched the aspect of fascism as mentioned in the tweet.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) recently demolished “illegal alterations” at the property in bandra of actor Kangana Ranaut, she was alleged for the unauthorised modifications, extensions and other officials work, also as per the BMC laws the proper permissions, approvals and sanctions were not carried out and the BMC executive engineer was satisfy with the same.


The notice highlights the following aspects:

  • The work is considered as “illegal alteration” and “unauthorised” by BMC.

  • The notice is issued under section 354(a) of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation act 1888.

  • 24-hrs time was mentioned to file a reply with documentary evidence.

  • A series of 14 violations were mentioned.

  • The notice also highlighted the punishment including imprisonment of minimum 1 month or up to 1 year except the penalties.

  • The violations include the following aspects that was against the B.C.C plan

  • Merging the 2 bungalows

  • Conversion of ground floor toilet into office cabin

  • Unauthorised Conversion of storeroom into kitchen

  • Formation of unauthorised pantry on the ground floor

  • Unauthorised Construction of toilets near the storerooms and parking area

  • unauthorised partitions

  • unauthorised/Illegal meeting room

  • Converting balcony into habitable area

  • On-going renovation and work was founded unauthorised which is beyond approved B.C.C plan

  • Staircase orientation on 2nd floor

  • Position of main entrance gate changed

  • The notice was not accepted by the office members but it was pasted outside the office on 8.09.2020.

  • BMC also did a second attack where shiv sena lodged a FIR at Srinagar police station under charges of sedition for her POK analogy for Mumbai.


  • According to her the property is not illegal and no illegal construction. As said in her tweet There is no illegal construction in my house, also government has banned any demolitions in Covid till September 30th, Bullywood watch now this the what Fascism looks like”.

  • Also the notice is illegal and the action of entering the premises is illegal further added by the kangana’s lawyer.

  • The plea said, ”The action of the BMC is illegal, arbitrary, mala fide and without application of mind, in violation of principles of natural justice, unreasonable and improper.”


  • In Mumbai a former IPs officer sent a legal notice and apology as well.

  • Retired assistant commissioner to in his notice asked for a public apology on the defamatory tweets done comparing the POK and Mumbai plus the Mumbai police.

  • The notice reveals that the allegations commented by her that police was “encouraging social bullying” are completely baseless.


  • The Bombay high court directed BMC to stay the process of demolition of kangana’s bungalow.

  • The division of bench of Justice S.J Kathawalla and R.I. Changla via video conferencing heard the plea.

  • The Bombay High Court said that the action was not Bonafide, smacking of ‘Malafide’.

  • The court asked the BMCs demolition to reply for their conduct on affidavit done on their part by 3:00 pm Thursday.


The very act is simply an attack on the society and reflecting the case of bullying. Also the very action taken place puts forward a big question on fascism and death of democracy as mentioned in the tweets by kangana. From power to politics to drugs the controversy also questioned the democracy, society and rights being hampered. The action taken by BMC has clearly showed the Suppression of voice. Moreover the decision is yet to be taken, the wrong will be punished and justice will prevail!!

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