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The philosophy of nepotism has flourished since ages. This term originated from Catholic bishops who would bequeath wealth, property, and priesthood to their “nephews”? The nephews were usually their illegitimate offspring, and it served as a way for church clergy to both own property and to retain power in their families. However do you think providing a support to loved once is a Consequential violation of our society's conventions? What do you think is better blood or water (money) ?

In today's life, there is no such area of functioning where nepotism doesn't prevail be it Bollywood, politics, private jobs, etc. Bollywood has been the best entertaining platform past 10 decades, no doubt the craze for Bollywood movies all around The world is mind-boggling but in last few years few things have crippled this industry, making it a hot topic of debate ever since. That is the cruel fame of nepotism. The recent case of Sushant Singh Rajput ignited the war against nepotism in the Bollywood industry. It is an established fact that person coming from Bollywood background will be given priority and favouritism in case of movie selections and role-plays. Due to this, the actual talent is somewhere neglected and Unrecognized. The actual artist is struggling, losing jobs and precious lifestyle by committing suicide. Star kids are prefered over the actual talents and supported immensely by the well-established directors. Kangana Ranaut the famous actress labelled Karan Johar(the filmmaker) as the "flag-bearer of nepotism". However, the base architecture of nepotism has now taken a shape of a Multistory building and the genuine talent is sidelined and suppressed in case they try to raise their voice against the evil. Although in support to oppose nepotism various artists have come forward and started a war against nepotism. But, this story is not only confined to Bollywood, there is also no such industry or organization which doesn't promote nepotism be it the selection process, promotions, electing of candidates, so on and so forth. Every sector especially in India is exercising the evil of nepotism due to which the actual talent from India is diminishing. People are not getting the right opportunity to express their skills and contribute to better development of the country.


There are numerous types of nepotism brandishing in society as well as the world. Even in politics right from the epoch of Nehru till Rahul Gandhi or the Samajwadi Party which was governed and formed by Mulayam Yadav and later taken over by his son Akhilesh Yadav in UP or the Thackeray’s have maintained their domination from Balasaheb to Uddhav Thackeray all work on the basic concept of nepotism. Due to this political nepotism, the corruption rate and unlawful dominance also tend to rise with time which leads to pessimistic growth of the country. The exchange of tainted wealth among people and politicians creates a lobby of favoritism and preferences, that's how nepotism flourish in administration sector. In this aeon of time, where there is rat race competition the trust factor plays a very pivotal role and people tend to trust the relatives in place of others with their wealth, power and legacy. Hence, which is a recourse of nepotism. This evil definitely degrades the ethics and true morals of the society. Also, leads to significant harm to the principle of equal opportunity and fairness. With context to politics, there is colossal loss of democracy and legitimacy of rule of law in order to produce the desired results. The economic development of a market dominated country suffers due to nepotism in corporate structures of big and small business houses. However, having soo many demerits it can also provide some decisive solutions. It can create a friendly and ambient working environment as the appointed person is very well known. The know how of skills of known recruits makes the work of manager easy as he can easily decide the the right skill of individual and allot the job, which eventually brings amiable and effective human resource. Although, this phrase of nepotism can never extinct, only some precautionary measures and laws could be implemented in order to decrease the growing branch of this in administration and political sector. Regular checks and balances should be maintained, powers should be given to Election Commission or other such bodies to keep an eye on intra party democracy. Strict penalties and punishments should be implemented in case of any favouritism is highlighted in selection process of party members or any other organization. With context to film industry, amending laws won't make a difference it should be a self realization process and here in the public plays the most important role and can bring the real change in the society. Nepotism is like production of indigo. It looks amazing from above and gives you benefit but degrades the quality of soil and eventually no other plant can exist over that land for multiple years. Complete eradication of this evil is not possible but yes a change of perceptions and implementation of strict laws can definitely act as a fruitful remedy. The case of Sushant Singh Rajput can definitely be a turning page of Bollywood industry and preclude the wicked philosophy.

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