In the era of 21st century of the internet community where everything is cybernated and digitally automated, so do are the businesses, today if a person owns a business and wants to stretch the boundaries connecting via the internet to other users, web hosting is a necessity.


As the name suggests in simple terms, it is a renting and buying service which provides space to house a website on the World Wide Web. It portions out space on a server for a website to store the content and webpages including HTML, CSS, images, and more and making it at one’s fingertips. Talking about servers, they are special computers storing the websites. The amount of space set on a server for a specific website by the host depends upon different kinds of hosting. There are more than 100 of web hosting providers available serving a platform with different services to an individual according to their comfort and budget planned; some of them are Liquid Hub, Hostwinds, Godaddy, Cloudways, and WP Engine.


Initially after setting the website the first step to moving on is searching for an appropriate and reliable web host. Does the host provide space for your needs? Whether the host provides services to the site to grow and upgrade? are some basics an individual should ponder before opting for one.

The working starts itself at the time a user uploads the content to the respective server provided after choosing the hosting provider. The server availability to hinges on the type of hosting plan chose which totally affects the cost, speed, data traffic, and other areas of working, so choosing a web hosting provider is quintessential especially for a business website. The main types are Shared Web Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) Web Hosting, Dedicated web hosting.

· Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is done where more than one or multiple sites are present on a single server, it’s similar to enter in a busy and crowded space. For example site, A shares the same server with Site B, Site C, and site D, etc. It is an inexpensive model as the server cost is shared among the different users. With the benefit that a particular site can bring a huge amount of traffic to other sites too but on the same hand it can impact the neighboring site performance and bring the server down.

· VPS Web Hosting

Also called a virtual dedicated server (VDS), this hosting plan provides service similar to shared web hosting where a virtual server is allocated to each user even it is serving multiple sites together and each individual has its own resources and server. Plus a particular site’s traffic would not affect the other sites sharing the server. It probably costs more than the shared web hosting and lies in the middle of shared and VPS web hosting.

· Dedicated Web Hosting

This type of web hosting is substantial and over the odds. It provides alone server to a user’s website with the flexibility of accessing the entire server, software, and security systems. It is generally used when the site is loaded with huge traffic and is in need of more servers.


The foremost question that strikes is why to pay for web hosting and its serviceable outcomes. Keeping aside the platform it provides, firstly web hosting employs technicians to ease the user with keeping their site upgrade and running 24/7. Secondly, in cases of troubleshooting and other techno problems of script debuting, Domain name renewal, Email issues, etc, web hosting provider’s help and support are available. Thirdly business owners go through a hassle-free experience so that they can work in a commodious manner. Last but not the least security features, extensive domain management tools, good VPS offering, unlimited data transfers per month, and cloud storage plans, and much more according to the hierarchal plans formed by the host, it provides attractive services.


Web hosting is the latest tech developing and bridging the gap among the users benefitting the host and the user, plus the third party looking for the content over the internet. The days when people looking for your business on the yellow pages are over way back earlier with the introduction of these technologies and users can now explore more and raise their business limits with web hosting platform providers and its resources.

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